Top Gender Reveal Themes of 2017

Top Gender Reveal Themes of 2017

If you’re like us, you love a good theme! Usually because it means there is gonna be a party and we love parties… particularly gender reveal parties. Whether you’re hosting or attending, a themed event can add to the fun! From invitations, to food, to decor, a theme can make the party cohesive and allow for lots of creativity!

At Gender Reveal, we’re constantly looking for fun creative gender reveal party themes and ideas to share with our readers and provide inspiration. We’ve compiled a list of a few of our favorites!

1. Favorite Sport?

Many parents to be may share in a favored hobby or love for a sport. Play up the love for the game by centering your gender reveal party around the theme. Ask you party goers to ‘pick a team to root for’ when they arrive …. Team Girl or Team Boy for a little healthy competition! Keep score on a Team Boy v. Team Girl scoreboard and the winning team scores a prize after the announcement! Themed invitations, food, and decor are easy when the theme is as popular as a sporting event!

2. Total Opposites?

No worries. Many parents to be couldn’t be more different in their hobbies or interests. After all, they say opposites attract! Use the opposite interests as the theme for your party by associating one interest with a particular gender. Is dad a little league coach and mom a ballet teacher? ‘Baseballs or Ballet Shoes’ just became your theme! How about a outdoorsman and a total girly-girl? Lures or Lace? Guns or Glitter? This is a great way to keep both genders interested throughout the party. Have a game designated for each gender before the reveal or theme your food to appeal to both the masculine and feminine crowd!

3. Holiday Theme!

Announcing the gender during a notable holiday? Use that to your advantage. Many parents-to-be may be worried that the hustle and bustle of prominent holidays can overshadow a big announcement (even though we don’t think that’s the case). Don’t let that stress you out. Instead, use the holiday to your advantage by playing up the theme. Announcing your little boy or girl around Halloween? A pink or blue painted pumpkin nestled inside of a larger pumpkin can be the ultimate reveal. New Year, New Baby? Confetti poppers filled with gold, silver, and either pink or blue confetti can be a fun way to ring in the new year with friends and family!

4. Birds and the Bees!

After all, that’s what go you guys to this point in the first place! When you don’t know the baby’s gender, it can be hard to decorate… pink or blue?? Opt for a neutral yellow while you anticipate the news! After you know the gender, either pink or blue is sure to dominate the next few months. Now is your opportunity to enjoy another hue. What will your little bundle bee? Keeping the party guest buzzing with fun cocktails and themed games!

5. Fantasy and Fiction!

With movies and books that have swept the nation for generations, it’s no wonder many parents to be settle on using their favorite character, book, or movie as the center for their gender reveal theme. From Harry Potter to Star Wars, the food, drink, decor, and party game options are limitless. Will your little bundle be a Witch or Wizard? How about Luke or Leia? Use iconic quotes, colors, or images to adorn your invitations or theme your food. Your guests will undoubtedly be impressed with the creativity!

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