Top Gender Reveal Ideas of 2017

Top Gender Reveal Ideas of 2017

What are you having?!? It’s the first question every mom-to-be is asked once the new bundle of joy is announced. Why not respond with the ultimate reveal: a party! A gender reveal party, that is!

Whether you choose to have an intimate gathering with just family and close friends to reveal the news or you opt for the party that goes viral, it’s always more fun when the reveal itself is creative and personal. We’ve scoured the internet and compiled our list of favorite gender reveal ideas and why.

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Gender Reveal Cupcakes

While we’ve all seen the super cute gender reveal cake idea, where the expecting parents cut into the cake to reveal a blue or pink inside, we love the concept of sharing the experience with your guest by allowing everyone to bite into the surprise.

Gender reveal cupcakes offer party goers a way of hands-on participation, too! If you aren’t sure how it will work, since traditionally the cake itself is dyed blue or pink and covered with icing... Get creative! Talk to your local baker (or channel your inner Martha Stewart) and brainstorm some options. Think about raspberry or blueberry filled centers or candy-filled treats that reveal the gender when it’s time for dessert!

Gender Reveal Cup Cakes

Champagne Toast

Looking for another way to allow your guest to participate without enlisting a baker? No worries! Reveal the surprise by toasting to the new addition… with a pink or blue hue, of course. Pour your guests champagne or a light colored soda (Sprite, Club Soda, etc. will all do the trick) and pass out the color changing tablets to the party goers. The baby’s gender will be revealed once the tablets are dropped into the clear liquid!

If you’re looking at a large guest list or simply want a main event at the party, consider having just the parents the be drop in the tablet with party goers gathered around. The picture perfect moment will definitely be one to capture!

FUN TIP: Have one guest (perhaps the one who handed over the correct colored tablets to the parents and already knows the gender) be the designated photographer of the audience! You don’t want to miss out on the great reactions of the guests in attendance - think of the new grandparents’ priceless reactions!!

Champagne Toast

Silly String Fun

You’re about to welcome a little one into the world, so why not bring out your inner child? This reveal is especially fun if you or your invited friends and family already have little ones who can participate, too.

For this reveal, you’ll have to enlist the help of a trusted friend who can purchase and wrap the correct colored silly string or purchase the decorated cans from a vendor, (we love this one on Etsy) so all guests remain unsuspecting! We definitely recommend this gender reveal party for the Spring or Summer months, since silly string goes best outside!

Pink and blue silly string gender reveal

Gender Reveal Piñata

After all, the piñata was always the best part of the birthday parties when you were a kid. Why not incorporate this classic party tradition into your gender reveal? Fill the piñata with candy, colored to match the gender, or confetti to reveal the surprise to all those in attendance.

Feel free to share the excitement by letting family members all take a few swings or keep the center of attention on the parents to be! The piñata can also make a great picture if you place it high and open it with a string.

Fun Idea: Having twins? Two piñatas are a fun option if the twins are fraternal and their gender’s differ!

Gender Reveal Piñata

Specialty Themed Gender Reveal

Everyone has a favorite fictional character or is a die-hard fan of a popular series, so why not bring in the fantasy into this magical time in your life? From Harry Potter to Star Wars, parents to be are figuring out fun ways to incorporate their fandom into their gender reveal party (some are even theming the entire gender reveal party after it).

While to some it may seem a little gimmicky, keep in mind, this is your opportunity to share with family and friends, so the theme and reveal is totally up to you! Check out some of these fun reveals:

For all the Harry Potter fans, incorporate the sorting hat to see what gender category the baby will be sorted into! For more Harry Potter ideas, click here.

Harry Potter Sorting Hat

Is the force with your family? These parents seem to think so and used it to reveal the gender of their baby on the way with pink and blue lightsabers!

Gender Reveal Lightsaber Star Wars

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