Top 5 Gender Reveal Party Gift Ideas

Top 5 Gender Reveal Party Gift Ideas

You open the invitation and the excitement starts! A close friend or family member will be announcing the gender of their baby at a party in just a few weeks, and you are invited to celebrate in the festivities. Wait, what? You don't know the gender? How the heck are you supposed to show your excitement without pink or blue hued miniature items?

Don't worry! Most people have the same thought while pinning that invitation to the calendar. We've got you covered!

First and foremost, if purchasing a baby gift isn't in your budget or the parents-to-be have specifically stated no gifts, don't feel like you're not meeting expectations or Emily Post is rolling in her grave. With gender reveal parties recently emerging and growing in popularity, the etiquette for gift giving can be hard to define. If you are curious on appropriate gender reveal party etiquette, read more here and know that a gift is not mandatory! If you just can't keep away from the baby aisle (trust us, we understand!) but aren't sure what to buy when the cute outfits or nursery decor items are so obviously gender specific... look no further. We've rounded up our top 5 gift ideas that don't require the knowledge of the baby's gender!

1. Fetal Heartbeat Monitor:

Thanks to new technology, you can order this former doctor's-office-only tool off Amazon with the click of a button and without much impact on the wallet! We love the Bjingles Heartbeat Baby Monitor which comes with the heartbeat monitor, multiple ports of earphones, headphones, and an accompaniment app all for $52. During the first half of pregnancy, parents-to-be typically see a doctor every 4 weeks, meaning a whole month between hearing that little pitter-patter. Moms to be can be worriers and hearing that soothing sound can definitely help to alleviate those worries!

Bjingles Fetal Heartbeat Baby Monitor Read more about Bjingles here!.

2. Maternity Clothes:

This might seem difficult considering you may not know the moms clothing size or considering her size is definitely going to change over the next few months. But, think more simplistic than that and opt for a gift card to popular online maternity stores or local shops. Maternity clothes can be expensive and it's often frustrating buying items you can only wear for a few months at a time, so this will be a much appreciated gift for the mom-to-be! We love Pinkblush Maternity, but don't rule out a gift card to the big box stores - most places, including Target and buybuy Baby have a great maternity section!

3. Baby Grooming Items:

Babies are dirty. There is no avoiding it. Between dirty diapers and spit up, a daily sponge bath will be a minimum requirement! Best part, bath and grooming time is part of both gender's nighttime routine, so help the parents stock up on some of those smaller items with a cute grooming or bath time gift basket. We suggest commonly used items like baby shampoo and lotion or fingernail clippers. These must have items have no bearing on the nursery theme or color scheme, so you're safe on that front too! Check out the Aveeno Baby Bathtime Solutions gift set from Amazon (~$20) or the Kinsa Digital Smart Ear Thermometer(~$50). While these gifts may lack the cuteness factor that mini booties have, the parents-to-be will definitely appreciate the practicality when their little bundle needs these items the most!
Kinsa Digital Smart Ear Thermometer The Kinsa Smart Thermometer has a downloadable, accompaniment app for ease of use. Read more about it at

4. Personalized Memorabilia

Who says it has to be all about the baby? At least for the next nine months, it's the parents who have all the preparing to do. Let's not forget that they deserve a little love, too, and their little bundle has no idea what's in that cutely wrapped package you brought with you! Check out these cute parent focused gifts for some inspirational (and even comical) gift ideas.
Pregnancy Gift Ideas Coffee Mugs Purchase these cute mugs for less than $30 here!
Drinking For Two Pregnancy Announcement Gift Ideas Purchase these t-shirts for your laid back friends for under $35 here!

5. What to Expect When You're Expecting Book

This book has sold over 18.5 million copies to parents to be and other curious and supportive family members since written by authors Heidi Murkel and Shannon Mazel, earning itself a consistent 4 out 5 stars and a spot on the New York Time's Best Seller List. Commonly nicknamed 'the pregnancy bible', this informative book will shine light on what to expect over the next few months for both the mom and dad to be! With excerpts specifically written for the fathers, this gift is for both parents. For less than $20, purchase the gift of knowledge and find comfort in helping your friends fully prepare for their little bundle. *Note: This book is part of the "What To Expect" series, with additional books geared towards the years after pregnancy which make for great follow-up gifts as their little bundle ages!
What to expect when you're expecting

You can read our review, get a copy for the parent to be here and check out their website with a plethora of online articles ranging in topics that the parents-to-be are sure to have questions about!

As you can see, there are plenty of gift options to get a mommy-to-be that aren't gender specific. These are my favorite 5, and I know that your new mom will love any of them!