Gender Reveal Product Review: Pom Joy Fun

Gender Reveal Product Review: Pom Joy Fun

Are you looking for products to make your Gender Reveal Party one to remember? We've been searching Instagram, Etsy, and more for unique finds. Today, we're reviewing fun products from Pom Joy Fun. From balloons to confetti to piñatas, this online store can serve as a one stop shop for your party.

The story behind their shop:

"Years ago our family was lucky enough to have beautiful child. Like many families we wanted custom party decorations for our little princess. Luckily, we have a background that spans the range from graphic design, interior design, fine art and product design. We started making custom party decorations for our child and our friends loved it so much they started asking us to make decorations for them. We are thrilled to have been working on parties for years now. We've helped our customers celebrate weddings, babies, graduations, birthdays, christenings and there have been quite a few bachelor and bachelorette parties too! We love creating parties that are unique to you."

Pom Joy Fun regularly tests their products on their Instagram if you'd like to follow. We decided to test some of the gender reveal products ourselves. Read on for our reviews!

"It's a Boy" and "It's a Girl" Balloons with Mini Tassels

These fun balloons have a variety of uses. You can tie them to a table during your gender reveal party or tie them outside on your mailbox to announce your baby's arrival! We love the gold tassels.

A set of three balloons (two colored balloons and one heart ballon) with three tassels is $14.99. Get them here.

Gender Reveal Piñata

If you're looking for a real "WOW" factor at your party this piñata is it! You can package the confetti or use your own.

Pricing varies depending on whether you want confetti and pull strings. Get it here.

Blue and Pink Flick Sticks

Looking to end your party with a bang? We love these sticks that explode with confetti. To use, punch the end, raise your hand in the air, and flick your wrist. You and your partner can each do one or you can pass around to your entire party. The site offers discounts if you order over 20 pieces.
The sticks are $4.25 each. Get them here.

Gold Gender Reveal Balloon

These "Sister or Brother, We're having another!" balloons are a perfect way to involve older siblings in the reveal! Depending on what package you order, it comes with a double lined balloon, tassels, and confetti. We also liked that came they with instructions/general guide.
(Note: We only blew the balloon partially in this picture, you can make it super big!)

This colorful balloon pull string can also be used as a banner to hang up in your home during your gender reveal party.

The great thing is you can't see the confetti once you blow up the balloon. Pricing varies depending on what package you get. Click here.

"He or She, What Will Baby be?" Balloon

Another fun way to do your gender reveal. The best part? These balloons come in a variety of different colors and you have the option for them to come filled with the confetti color of your choice. Pricing varies. Click here.

Some other fun party ideas we found on the Pom Joy Fun Etsy site

Overall we love the variety and especially like the "Sister or Brother" balloons because it gets the siblings involved in the reveal. Be sure to check the store out through one of the above links.