Gender Reveal Cake Ideas

Gender Reveal Cake Ideas

If there is one thing we can all agree on, it’s that a party isn’t a party without a cake! That holds true for a Gender Reveal Party too! What better way to celebrate the announcement of your little boy or girl than with a delicious, and appropriately tinted, sweet treat?

As gender reveal parties become more and more popular so has the creativity. From cupcakes to cake pops, the following ideas really take the cake:

Slice to See!

Cutting open the cake to reveal a pink or blue inside is not only a fun way to actually reveal the gender of your baby, but it can warrant lots of attention since it’s not only the dessert, but also the main event of the party. This two-for-one attention grabber can keep guests guessing until the cake is cut into, so make the sure the outside is worthy of the exciting secret being hidden on the inside! Here are some of our favorite cakes with a surprise on the inside!

Surprise on the Inside Gender Reveal Cake

Your baker will love you for this one ;)
Baby boy on the inside

One popular (and tasty) way for the big reveal is to have everyone bite into a cupcake at the same time!
Cupcake Reveal Idea


Not using the cake as the reveal idea? It’s still a party, and the cake always gets attention. Make sure yours is not only sweet tasting, but sweet looking. Matching the cake to your theme is a great way to keep the party cohesive. Plus, a themed cake is a great centerpiece for a table of themed foods! Check out some of our favorite themed cakes:

Touchdowns or Tutus? Touchdowns or Tutus Cake

Rosette Cake Rosette Cake - Pink and Blue

Prince or Princess? Prince or Princess Cake

Cupcakes, cake-pops, and cookies, oh my!

Sick of cake always being the main event? Go for something original. Cookies, cake-pops, and cupcakes are fun sweet treats to opt for when you want something different. If the treat isn’t being used for the reveal itself, you can really get creative when decorating. Talk to your local baker about some out-of-the-box options. We love some of these fun ideas!

Everybody loves a cake pop
Gender Reveal Cake Pops

Get creative with cookies and fondant
Baby shower cookies

Cupcakes are as in as it gets, and let's hope it stays that way! See how you can make these here

Reveal cupcakes

No matter what you decide, know that this is your party and you’re gender reveal should be a fun time to share the news of your little bundle! The options for a themed or uniquely decorate cake or cake alternative are limitless, so get creative, incorporate your theme if possible, and have fun!

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