Essential Items For Your Hospital Bag: The Complete Checklist

Essential Items For Your Hospital Bag: The Complete Checklist

Finally! It's that moment you've been waiting nine months for. It's time to pack a hospital bag full of all the essentials that you, your partner, and your baby will need during labor and after the baby is born. Start packing a week or two before your expected due date to give yourself enough time (because babies sometimes come on their time instead of yours). Planning ahead will prevent you from leaving the hospital wearing only a giant paper napkin or appearing a frazzled mess in those memorable photos, among other things.

Packing For You

  • Dressing Gown/Bath Robe - You'll need something to walk around in and easily slip on and off.
  • Several changes of comfortable clothes - Make sure you have lots of extra underwear.
  • Extra Absorbent Pads - You will definitely need these after delivery.
  • Nursing Bra
  • Slippers - So you can easily get up and go to the bathroom and walk around.
  • Socks - The last thing you want is cold feet!
  • Makeup- You'll be so thankful to have a little blush and lipstick when everyone's snapping photos of the big moment. Also be sure to include some chap sticks because hospitals are very dry.
  • Hair Ties/Brush - Things are going to get sweaty and gross.
  • Toiletries - Make sure your kit includes a toothbrush, deodorant, facial wipes, and body lotion.
  • Snacks/Drinks - You're going to be hungry and thirsty so pack some healthy options.
  • Phone/Charger - To ensure you have a lifeline to the outside world.
  • Extra Pillows - During this uncomfortable time, you'll be thankful for any extra support.
  • Headphones/Computer - In case you find yourself playing the waiting game and in need of a music or movie pick me up.
  • Tube Sock and Tennis Balls - This helps relieve backpain.

Packing For Baby

  • Diapers and Baby Wipes- More is better!
  • Several Onesies - Make sure they are easy to put on baby.
  • An Adorable Going Home Outfit - Just because.

What Your Partner Should Pack

  • Change Of Clothes and Toiletries - Who knows how long they will need to stay by your side?
  • Phone/Camera/Charger - This is vital for capturing those precious first moments. Whether you're using a fancy camera or snapping photos on your phone, your partner will want to make sure all necessary equipment is on hand.
  • Bendy Straws - To give to you to help you drink your fluids.
  • Snacks/Drinks - No one needs to rely on hospital food.

Other Things to Consider

  • Make sure you already have a car seat installed in your car (and make sure you both know how to use it). That's definitely not worth your first fight!
  • If you have children that are not coming to the hospital with you make sure you've lined up care for them. Have animals? Have a neighbor keep an eye on them while you're gone. You want to be worry free during this transition!

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